Solution design

Strategic consulting

A well defined, well communicated and executed strategy is one of the critical factors determining the future of the company. 

The strategic choices allow to align and to coordinate actions towards target customers and competitors. Those choices support building an optimal product portfolio and the most effective distribution channels. On that basis required resources and competences are defined, as well as the methods to acquire them. 

In our approach, based on the external environment (market trends, competitors behavior) and internal factors (existing resources and competences), we develop possible growth options. They are evaluated in terms of the created value. For the decided option we define objectives and target levels of key performance indicators. During such assignment we also plan key initiatives necessary to achieve targets. Our experience shows that detailed plans with defined project owners and with assigned resources help the implementation phase substantially.   

Review of competitive strategy 

Review of competitive strategy will answer two basic questions:

  • Are competitive factors and their importance properly defined to achieve a competitive advantage? 
  • Are resources well allocated to achieve the goals?  


Companies can compete in 5 dimensions. To build a sustainable competitive advantage they need to be very good in one of these dimensions, be good at another dimension, and be on the average market level for remaining 3 dimensions. Our experience however has shown that too often companies try to be very good in too many dimensions of competition. As a result, from the customer's perspective, it is difficult to differentiate and from the financial perspective this leads to overinvestment and wasteful usage of the available resources. 

Functional strategies 

As part of strategic consulting we help our clients optimize their operations in the following areas:

  • Pricing strategy  
  • Product portfolio strategy 
  • Market entry strategy, including:
    • Mergers and acquisition strategy
    • Loyalty programs 
  • Customer relationships strategy, including: 
    •  revenue assurance, i.e. preventing operating income leakage 
    • customer service management model 
  • Distribution and the effectiveness of sales structures. 

Post Merger Integration  

Merging firms generally differ significantly in terms of customer groups, offered products, distribution channels, processes, reporting systems and standards. 
At the operational merger all these differences should be eliminated. First step in such process is to define: 

  • Gaps in various areas; 
  • How to close identified gaps;
  • Efforts required to close the gaps;
  • Priorities in gap closing; 
  • Detailed plans for priority projects;
  • Required support in the implementation phase of projects. 

We have experience in implementing such projects in Poland and other European countries.

A well defined, well communicated and executed strategy is one of the critical factors determining the future of the company. 



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