Solution design

Business and organizational transformation

Polish and international experience shows that implementation of Business Process Management has a positive impact on the development of companies. It helps to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the organizations. The success of such business transformation depends on the alignment of: 

  • Business processes 
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Monitoring system (KPIs). 


In companies with implemented BPM models it is easier to solve specific business problems such as: revenue assurance (prevention/ reduction of revenue leakage), improvements in the customer service model or enhancements in the quality.
We support companies during the design and the implementation of Business Process Management. 

In the design stage of business processes we define: hierarchy, processes maps, links between processes, and required IT support. Within the roles- and responsibilities module we define the rules for evaluating the effectiveness of the processes, the system for process management and the rules for splitting costs and profits. We also design the system for processes monitoring, the key performance indicators and the motivation systems. 


We will also support the implementation of the BPM through appropriate trained change agents who gradually take over the responsibility for implementation in particular areas. The key success factors in the implementation are: clearly defined objectives and proper selection of areas for pilot implementation.



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