We help companies operating in the Polish and Central & Eastern European markets in defining and implementing pro-development changes. With our knowledge and experience, we support large and rapidly growing organizations in creating and implementing strategies and/or transformation programs.


We specialize in assessing the potential of geographic and product markets, designing and implementing: strategies, innovating business models for sustainable development, including the circular economy model, and in improving various organization functions (sales, marketing, supply chain management, back office) .


We also help start-ups in verifying business concepts and entering the market.



For more than 28 years we have been helping companies operating in the Polish market and across Central & Eastern Europe to make business changes. 

In collaboration with our clients, we define the primary external challenges they are currently or will soon be facing, and we propose startegies to address them. This encompasses customer segmentation, market strategies, competitive strategies, sustainable development models, including ESG strategies. We provide guidance on endeavors related to entering new markets, including the internationalization of company operations.

We aid in delineating key internal challenges and proposing solutions to overcome them, encompassing process enhancements, organizational improvements, and refining the execution of specific functions like sales, marketing, supply chain management.

Our recommendations are founded on analyses of the current state of companies. Leveraging standardized tools such as benchmarking analyses, we can swiftly evaluate organizations and compare them to the other entities operating in the same or related industries. This foundation enables us to design strategies. With over 100 strategies developed and over 150 strategy/plan evaluations conducted, we possess unique knowledge and insights into the formulation and implementation of successful solutions.


Our professional experience encompasses: 

  • Analysis, assessment studies, and evaluations of existing business solutions vis-a vis process and organizational best practices  
  • Designing new solutions
  • Implementing solutions that directly enhance the operational efficency of our clients


Operating as DZ Consulting for more then 13 years, we have sucessfully completed 200 projects for 115 clients, totaling over 12 500 hours of workload. Our services cater to companies of all sizes. We have undertaken 54% of projects for medium and large enterprises and 46% for micro and small entities. Our consulting services cover all regions in Poland, with a focus on the following provinces:

  • Masovian Voivodeship 
  • Lesser Polad Voivodeship
  • Subcarpatian Voivodeship
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship


We make a substantial contribution to companies' growth through the following services: 

  • Strategies (for organizations, business lines, functional areas, competition, market entry, acquisitions); 
  • Process and organizational improvements
  • Changes in the business to enhance revenue or reduce costs; 
  • New business models – Business Process Management Project and program management office  – for  accelarating key projects/programs; 
  • Post Merger Integration.


Our expertise extends across varios sectos, including: 

  • Banking and insurance,
  • Pharmaceuticals,
  • Oil and gas 
  • Manufacturing and distribution, 
  • Media and telecommunications


Our goal is to provide lasting and comprehensive solutions, overcome challenges faced by our clients, and signifcantly contribute to their sustainable business successes. We fulfill this objective by developing and supporting the execution of strategies, novel business models, and organizational transformations, including specific functions like sales, marketing, supply chain management, and back office operations.


We contribute to ensuring the sustainable advancement of companies throuh ESG analyzes, strategies and proposing circular economy solutions , as well as ensuring the continuity of family businesses by support in planning and implementing succession strategies.


A higly significant aim of our endeavors is the transfer of knowledge to our clients, fostering their independent growth and future solution implementation. To acomplish this, we employ collaborative project work, specialized workshops and coaching as our guiding tools.



  • Professional experience 
  • Quality of provided services 
  • Efficiency of work - based on our experiences -  we are able to design and implement solutions faster 
  • Strong orientation on tangible results 


Dariusz Zbytniewski has over 25 years of experience in business consulting. He has carried out many complex projects for clients from various industries in Ernst & Young, Capgemini Ernst & Young and Capgemini. He worked in these top international consulting companies for over 15 years - from the position of consultant to the position of director (principal consultant). His responsibilities included the development of competence area sales and marketing, strategic consulting and consulting for financial institutions.


For many years Dariusz was involved in the implementation of complex projects in Poland and abroad, aiming at business transformation, implementation of organizational and process improvements, support in the process of merging companies (especially financial institutions) and designing and implementing business strategies.


Author/co-author of many publications in Poland (including Harvard Business Review, Gazeta Bankowa) and abroad (OECD, World Bank, Strathclyde University).


The beginnings of his professional career are in the Institute of Foreign Trade, where he focused on the competitiveness of the Polish economy at the macro and microeconomic level. He is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk. He also studied at Strathclyde University (Glasgow) and Norwegian School of Business Administration (Bergen). 


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